In recent years it has become quite common to leave some unpaid bills until you can recover a little personal economy.


The priorities are being released and other payment duties are delayed. Companies and entities use files shared with other companies and enter the data of their clients that have become delinquent. These data are consulted at the time of making any transaction with a new client, so entering a file of defaulters can become a burden at the time of requesting a loan with a bank, a quick loan or to register with any company of services such as electricity, water, gas or telephone. Even with any loan operation such as financing a car, a trip or any product, belonging to a list of defaulters can deny the transaction automatically.

The National Association of loan Establishments or has one of the most consulted files in Spain. Anyone can consult if their data is included in files such as or similar, consult is free if it is consulted by and for oneself. Companies pay a monthly fee for accessing the file and can know if someone is included and why it is included. Even some banks can not only deny a loan to people included in , but can even refuse to open a checking or savings account in their entity.
No bank will grant a loan or loan until the name of the interested party is deleted from the delinquent lists, such as .

Fortunately, financial products have evolved and today financial entities, not linked to banks and private lenders, allow access to fast loans without papers or loans .

The network is full of loan offers , which can help a lot when it comes to needing money for an unforeseen event, since the amounts they lend range from € 100 to € 10,000. You can also ask for a loan using the house as collateral in some pages specialized in lending large amounts.

Unfortunately the only way to erase your data and similar files is to pay the debt you have. There is the right to ask the company managing the file of defaulters to remove the name of the person the same day the debt is settled , you just have to contact it and send the documentation they request, but you should know that To completely eliminate the debtor’s data from the file, the management company, for example, , must contact the loanor company to confirm that the debt has been fully settled. This process may take a few days, although they must necessarily contact a response within a maximum of 10 days.

If you were thinking of asking for a quick loan or a quick loan without papers and you think your name could be included in a file of defaulters, you are in luck since there are many companies that can grant you an amount as a loan to be able to face your contingencies.